Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Few Solar Energy Facts

A huge misconception about solar energy is how it is used.  For example many people heat their water with solar energy.  This eliminates the energy waste of converting the sun's energy to electricity than converting electricity to heat.  Every time there is a conversion we experience a systematic loss of the energy put into the system.  This is why we often see solar powered ranch lights out in the country.  Basically the sun charges a battery during the day.  As the sun goes away the light turns on by a timer or automatically when the light diminishes.  This is ultimately a huge application of solar energy into making life easier.  Many computerized smart products also enhance solar output through changing the direction of the solar panel.  This is especially effective in solar farming areas out in the sunny and hot desert.  Other applications of solar energy include water purification.  Basically in some form or another the water is evaporated and caught.  This water than may be filtered a few times and treated for purity.  This application of solar energy is crucial given the fact that most water is extremely contaminated with all types of bugs, viruses, pollutants, dissolved solids, and fluoride just to name a few.  Solar power is infinitely useful, and will also create more jobs as energy dependency becomes a more important public issue.  I always say why be part of the problem, when the solution already exists.


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