Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beginning The Solar Powered Existence

There is a general mysticism surrounding solar power.  Many people rightfully avoid getting it because in the short run they save money by not buying stuff.  Solar power is famous for having many parts in the system.  First we need to get the suns energy then convert it into something useful like heat or electricity.  The sun is caught on panels in an electrical solar powered system for example.  This energy is converted to electricity through a chemical process, moving liquid or quite a few other ways.  This electricity than needs to be converted for storage, municipal, household use, and other forms.  We then need to store, or sell the excess.  As you can see the whole picture is costly.  Also the benefits are down the road.  Farming energy is like growing plants.  One must wait for the fruit and make sure at all times that the plants stay healthy.  The good news is that solar has broken into the mainstream.  Giant companies of all kinds like BP as an example are getting into the solar game.  They are taking out the head aches for busy people by helping with installations, tax implications, and other issues.  Many houses as a result utilize solar power in some form.  Even if the costs and benefits do not occur as linear as many would hope for, none the less solar power has helped many people gain independence from the old and failing energy grid systems that currently much of the population relies on for power.  If you are up for it, than please join me on our journey towards an amazing solar life!


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