Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Are Inverters For Solar Panels?

An inverter basically changes the form of electricity to a multi directional state for various uses.  For example a point source of energy  like a battery has electricity that goes only one way.  When we invert it the energy is able to go back.  This has many grid specific implications including an effect where a circuit of points can be opened in both directions. 


The Battery Is The Heart And Soul Of Solar Power

Having a solar power electricity system requires many parts.  One important piece is the battery.  Many people use quite a few batteries.  Because batteries are the most fragile component of the solar grid many people build shelters for the pack.  Over time most batteries diminish their power.  As a result the liquids need to be replaces.  Also other components of the battery tend to systematically wear out.  But the pay off comes when the sun is not out, yet the battery keeps the stuff going in our homes.  That battery ultimately buys us time and freedom.


A Few Solar Energy Facts

A huge misconception about solar energy is how it is used.  For example many people heat their water with solar energy.  This eliminates the energy waste of converting the sun's energy to electricity than converting electricity to heat.  Every time there is a conversion we experience a systematic loss of the energy put into the system.  This is why we often see solar powered ranch lights out in the country.  Basically the sun charges a battery during the day.  As the sun goes away the light turns on by a timer or automatically when the light diminishes.  This is ultimately a huge application of solar energy into making life easier.  Many computerized smart products also enhance solar output through changing the direction of the solar panel.  This is especially effective in solar farming areas out in the sunny and hot desert.  Other applications of solar energy include water purification.  Basically in some form or another the water is evaporated and caught.  This water than may be filtered a few times and treated for purity.  This application of solar energy is crucial given the fact that most water is extremely contaminated with all types of bugs, viruses, pollutants, dissolved solids, and fluoride just to name a few.  Solar power is infinitely useful, and will also create more jobs as energy dependency becomes a more important public issue.  I always say why be part of the problem, when the solution already exists.


Getting Solar Panels For Your Home

Solar panels run a broad range of capabilities, styles, functions, and prices.  Companies try their best to cater to specific markets.  The large industrial and corporate market generally has different needs from someone who farms a remote track of land.  It is important to do a lot of research, read customers reviews, and talk to people who have used solar power for a long time.  In many cases, more expensive higher quality products last longer and save the consumer money.  Handy consumers often purchase panel kits, or design and build the solar grid themselves.  There are many advantages to doing the maintenance ourselves.  Small repairs can run many people back to the electrical grid.   It is also important when they are installed to keep the panels clean.  Especially if you sell your power to the power companies, to your neighbors or anyone else it is especially crucial that your panels collect the maximum amount of power.


Beginning The Solar Powered Existence

There is a general mysticism surrounding solar power.  Many people rightfully avoid getting it because in the short run they save money by not buying stuff.  Solar power is famous for having many parts in the system.  First we need to get the suns energy then convert it into something useful like heat or electricity.  The sun is caught on panels in an electrical solar powered system for example.  This energy is converted to electricity through a chemical process, moving liquid or quite a few other ways.  This electricity than needs to be converted for storage, municipal, household use, and other forms.  We then need to store, or sell the excess.  As you can see the whole picture is costly.  Also the benefits are down the road.  Farming energy is like growing plants.  One must wait for the fruit and make sure at all times that the plants stay healthy.  The good news is that solar has broken into the mainstream.  Giant companies of all kinds like BP as an example are getting into the solar game.  They are taking out the head aches for busy people by helping with installations, tax implications, and other issues.  Many houses as a result utilize solar power in some form.  Even if the costs and benefits do not occur as linear as many would hope for, none the less solar power has helped many people gain independence from the old and failing energy grid systems that currently much of the population relies on for power.  If you are up for it, than please join me on our journey towards an amazing solar life!


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